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Operational Logistics

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Military and Police tactical

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Ecosystems protection against illegal hunting, a mission of value and citizenship...


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Close Protection

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Tactical Emergency Medicine Support

Procedures that save lives...

Safety and rescue

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Our Modus Operandi

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In the first stage, Grupo Milícia tries to recognize the real necessities of the client. This might require we send a team to the location to gather important information regarding the solution to be presented.


Based on well-defined objectives, we make the clients necessities our challenges and plan the best solutions. For-instance, selling equipment adapted specifically to the project needs is something we constantly seek. We present the best solution conceived in a realistic context capable of surpassing the initial challenge.

Reconnaissance Implementation

After project terms is settled, we undertake all necessary logistics to deliver the goods purchased. When services are included in the project, it's time for our teams to depart on their mission wherever it might be. Training combined with equipment retailing it's a common experience for Grupo Milícia.

Planning Monitoring

After the mission is finished, whether it's equipment selling or providing services and training, we commit ourselves to maintain a close and follow-up relation with our clients. In some cases, it might be possible a contract that provides long term periods of assistance and monitoring, up to the time the project stabilizes, matures or expands.


We research and analyze constantly new equipment in order to have always available the best products for our clients.

Susana Amaro - CEO

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There is nothing more gratifying than to know we are today building a more pacific world to live in tomorrow.

António Amaro - CEO

Generically, Grupo Milícia stands out in the national and international market by its ability of presenting integrated solutions, which are:

  • Analyzing, planning, executing and monitoring projects;
  • Selling equipment of high quality;
  • Professional training with technical and experienced background guaranteed;
  • Providing highly trustworthy services.

Grupo Milícia is a prominent figure with high reputation in the international market, because we are always capable to find solutions grounded on our ethical values. Safety, Security and Operational logistics are completely our comfort zone.