For the thousands of missions happening every day to be more efficient and safer.

Safety and Rescue

For the thousands of missions happening every day to be more efficient and safer.

Despite the majority of the services provided by Grupo Milícia being related to the security field, in recent years we also committed ourselves to the safety field in order to perform to the highest standard, to which our motto holds us, "From Professionals to Professionals".
We will continue to boost the safety component with the same quality the clients of Grupo Milícia are accustomed to, providing the best products combined with the best training, project management and assistance.
In Portugal, we supply uniforms to Autoridade Nacional de Proteção Civil, and Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica in their biggest uniform renewal and today we carry the trust of dozens of many firefighter's corps all over the country.
We have permanently at our disposal experts of safety and rescue, which allows us to provide safe and outright solutions to medical emergency and firefighter units.

Our list of collaborators is carefully selected, we train and educate them about Grupo Milícia's culture, mission and values, which allow us to rapidly organize ourselves in order to find different solutions:

  • Assistance in safety and rescue projects.
  • Training on different levels of safety and rescue such as:
    • Fighting structural fires.
    • Fighting rural fires.
    • Accidents with hazardous substances and accidents in refineries.
    • Rescue and extrication.
    • High angle rescue.
    • Search and rescue (SAR) in collapsed structures.
    • Ambulance crew.
    • Diving, sub aquatic search and rescue (SAR).
    • Rescue vessels driving.
    • Lifeguards.
    • Swift water rescue.
  • Planning and implementation of prevention devices in high-risk events and remote locations.

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