Comfort and low profile.|Planning.|Experience.

Security and close protection

Low key, comfort, planning and experience.

We offer more than a simply bodyguard service (available only abroad).
Through meticulous planning and preparation, often with tactical participation of local authorities, we adapt our services to the needs of the client. This advanced preparation guarantees the best personal protection service with a very low profile allowing the client to travel with maximum security and comfort.
For Grupo Milícia planning the security escort does not imply the client is a sort of a prisoner in his own protection plan. The plan is designed according to the client's needs allowing him to feel free but safe. It does not matter how complicated or complex the logistics of the protection plan might be. Our security team plans in a way that the client and everyone in his group are always safe with maximum protection.
Our security professionals have a profound knowledge about security faults other security companies commit, in that sense our plans and strategies are amongst the most efficient and thorough our clients might find for them and their business.

In the international context, we provide training and service in the following areas:

  • On foot and vehicle escorting.
  • VIP escorting with integrated medical emergency care.
  • Prevention devices in high-risk events.
  • Armored cars.
  • Tactical driving and defensive driving.
  • Transport and aerial evacuation.

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